Lots of Special Methods. And a Special Article | July in Review

I was expecting this month’s review to cover fewer articles than previous months. It is July, after all. But then, I launched my second Substack last month, Breaking the Rules, which means I now have two sets of articles coming out every month.

It may not have been the smartest move to launch the new Substack in July when people go on holiday and all that. But that also means that by the time we get to normality in September, I would have already written and published a few posts and settled in!

And on The Python Coding Stack, the focus seems to have been on special methods. In addition to completing the two-part article on __getitem__(), I published the next two articles in the Data Structure Categories Series. These covered collections and iterators. And therefore, they discussed quite a few special methods since that’s what defines these categories.

And the latest article was the sixth in the Harry Potter-themed object-oriented programming series which was about, you guessed it, special methods.

The Python Coding Stack also reached two mini-milestones in July—let’s celebrate small milestones, too. The Python Coding Stack had its three-month birthday this month and I published the 20th article. The Python Coding Stack has grown rapidly in its first three months. Apparently, it’s one of the fastest growing new publications in Substack’s technology leaderboard.

And to mark the 20th article of this new platform I revisited another special article from the past. The most popular article I’ve ever written by far—and one that ends up on Google’s first page often—is the August 2021 article on images and 2D Fourier transforms: How to Create Any Image Using Only Sine Functions | 2D Fourier Transform in Python.

Data Detectives

As a side note, I’m running a series of workshops for children this summer with the title Creative Thinkers Club. It’s the first time I’m running this series and the first workshop was “Data Detectives: How numbers can bend the truth”. It was particularly fun to research, prepare, and deliver this workshop and I may make a few Python-related articles from it, too…

This Month’s Articles

July’s articles on The Python Coding Stack:

And July’s articles on Breaking the Rules:

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