Graduation at Hogwarts and Other Python Stories | August in Review

August is a quiet month, right? Well, not at The Python Coding Stack and Breaking the Rules, my two Substacks.

On The Python Coding Stack, I experimented with some different styles of articles. The month started with The Mayor of Py Town’s Local Experiment: A Global Disaster.

This is Py Town looks like (thanks to Midjourney!) This town was a bit special and its Mayor liked to make a mess of things. The story leads to why variables in function definitions are local variables.

By the way, here’s the Mayor of Py Town.

Another rather different article was Clearing The Deque—Tidying My Daughter’s Soft Toys • A Python Picture Story. This post is a picture story which explains the differences between lists and deques in Python. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this is the longest article I’ve ever written!

Another post on The Python Coding Stack combined the turtle module with the partial() function and lambda functions to create a typewriter emulator: Tap, Tap, Tap on The Tiny turtle Typewriter.

Another article looked at some Python quirks that can help us understand what happens underneath the hood in Python. This article, Python Quirks? Party Tricks? Peculiarities Revealed, is a paid article but there’s a substantial free preview.

The final two articles this month concluded two long-running series on The Stack

And for those interested in my experiments in narrative technical writing, you can read all five articles published in August on Breaking the Rules!

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