Table of Contents

The Python Coding Book Table of Contents

Part 1

0 How To Learn To Code: Preface

  • plus: installing Python

1 Getting Started: Your First Project

  • variables | using functions | data type basics | if statements | importing modules | while loops | commenting

2 Loops, Lists and More Fundamentals

  • anatomy of a program | for loops | more on while loops | lists | indexing and slicing

3 Power-up Your Coding: Create Your Own Functions

  • defining functions | scope | parameters and arguments | return statements

4 Data, Data Types, and Data Structures

  • data structures | iterable, mutable and immutable data types | methods associated with data types | string and list methods | tuples | dictionaries | reading data from files | writing data to spreadsheets

5 Dealing With Errors and Bugs

  • understanding errors and bugs | error messages | debugging | visual debuggers

Part 2

6 | Functions Revisited

  • optional arguments | parameters with default values | *args and **kwargs | docstrings | PEP 8 style guide

7 | Object-Oriented Programming

  • philosophy of OOP | classes | attributes, data attributes/instance variables and methods | __init__ and self | other dunder methods | type hinting

8 | Numerical Python for Quantitative Applications Using NumPy

  • introducing NumPy and why it’s needed | ndarray | indexing, slicing, and filtering arrays | reading data from CSV files to NumPy | representing equations with NumPy

9 | Dealing With Dates and Times in Python

  • datetime module | datetime.datetime and datetime.timedelta | strptime() and strftime() | time zones and the zoneinfo module

10 | Basics of Data Visualisation in Python Using Matplotlib

  • 2D plots | subplots | images | 3D plots | animations

11 | Analysing Data Using Pandas

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Additional Material and Notes

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