The Python Coding Place is Live! | October in Review

The big news for October is that The Python Coding Place is now live and my first video course is available for beginners starting to learn to code–well, the first few chapters anyway.

This is big news! The Python Coding Place has been a gradual project that started with this site–The Python Coding Book. The Book has now been around for several years and has gained a strong and faithful following.

After a while, I had starting writing articles and tutorials on the blog on this site–which is what you’re reading now. And earlier this year, the Python articles and tutorials moved to The Python Coding Stack, where I now publish a lot more regularly than I did before.

The Python Coding Place is the hub which connects them all, plus the new services that I have started rolling out this week, with many more to come from January. Here’s what The Place looks like in terms of colour and style:

The Python Coding Place website is now live at and the first video course for beginners has also started rolling out: A Python Tale • A Relaxed Stroll Through Programming Basics. Here’s the cover image for A Python Tale:

You can also find The Python Coding Place on YouTube, but if I have to be honest, you’re better off going directly to The Place’s own learning platform if you want to enroll on this free course since you’ll get notes, exercises, and a lot more, and a better experience than on YouTube. Here’s the link directly to A Python Tale on The Place’s learning platform.

And there will be many more courses coming over the coming weeks and months, at all levels. And in January, the Members’ Area of The Python Coding Place will launch with premium courses, live workshops, a forum, and lots more. But I’ll say more about this in a future post, including the pre-launch special offer to become a member–there are no subscriptions for membership of The Python Coding Place, only a one-time fee to become a lifetime member and get everything, forever.

Anyway, in addition to all this excitement, I also published my usual articles on The Python Coding Stack and Breaking the Rules.

I published a three-part series called Monty and The White Room analogy which explores the structure and functioning of a Python program through Monty’s adventures in Python City. This is my favourite coding analogy of all time.

I also published a post for paid subscribers of The Python Coding Stack talking about Python’s None object. Who would have thought there’s so much to say about nothing! The article is This Page Is Intentionally Left Blank • The Story of None. I quite like the artwork for this article, too:

I’ll stop there for this October review. And in case you haven’t realised, I’m quite excited about the new video course, A Python Tale, so if you’re a beginner or you know a beginner, this is the course to try out!

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