Introducing The Stack, From Harry Potter and OOP to Data Structures | April in Review

The Python Coding Place is taking shape nicely. I’m doing a rolling launch, making bits of it available as they’re ready. The “official launch” will happen when we launch the website and give The Place its visual look and feel.

However, the look and feel of the content at The Python Coding Place is clear already. Everything that falls under the umbrella of The Python Coding Place is friendly, relaxed, and focusses on clarity. The first member of the family was The Python Coding Book, which now has a rapidly growing fan base!

Here’s what’s new in April:

  1. The first cohort of The Python Coding Programme started a few days ago and the second one will start in mid-May. The Programme is a live cohort course with active mentoring. It spans three weeks with 90 minute live sessions each day, four days a week. Each cohort is limited to four participants to ensure effective communication and to enable an informal and relaxed approach to the sessions. And there’s also a private forum for the cohort so that the group can carry on the conversation with me and with each other throughout the three weeks.
  2. I’ve also launched The Python Coding Stack. This is the new home for all my articles. These range from articles which look behind the scenes of specific Python topics, step-by-step tutorials, and higher level discussions about understanding programming. Here’s the introductory post on The Stack: What Should You Expect From The Python Coding Stack?

And here are the inaugural articles on The Stack:

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