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What’s a Python Iterable? [Python Data Structure Series #1]

Note: This article has now moved here: Iterable: Python’s Stepping Stones – What makes an iterable iterable? Part 1 of the Data Structure Categories Series

Here’s an introduction to the article:

You’re familiar with data structures such as lists, dictionaries, tuples, sets, and more. You may even know about the similarities and differences between their behaviours. But how comfortable are you with the terms used for the groups they belong to, like iterables, sequences, collections, and containers? In this series, we’ll dive into these categories of data structures, starting with Python iterables.

Why bother? Isn’t it sufficient to know about the data structures themselves, like lists and dictionaries, instead of the abstract groups they belong to, such as sequences and mappings? Initially, yes. However, as you become more proficient in using data structures, understanding the key principles for each group will help you select the right data structures to solve your problems and use them more efficiently.

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