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The Python Coding Place Is Coming Soon…

Allow me a rare blog post which is not about some Python topic or a step-by-step tutorial. We’re excited that The Python Coding Place is coming soon. As the name says, this will be the place to learn to code in Python.

In this brief post, I’ll highlight what The Place is all about

The Python Coding Place

The Python Coding Place will be a hub for various learning resources and courses. There will be brand new things as well as existing resources and products, such as The Python Coding Book you’re reading right now.

Everything on The Python Coding Place will follow the same clear and friendly style any of my students are accustomed to. Whether you’re learning through The Python Coding Book or through one of my video courses or corporate training programmes, the style will remain the same.

There are some key aspects of how I teach that are so important for me. They are integral to every product, resource, and service:

  • A friendly and relaxed approach: Teaching should never be stuffy and dry. Whether it’s a live or video course or a book or tutorial, I always aim to “have a conversation” with my audience as if we’re sitting across the table in a coffee shop having a chat.
  • Clarity and structure: These are both important components in teaching and they go hand in hand. I’ve put in a lot of thinking in the order in which I teach things and how topics flow from one to the other. This is combined with a clear explanation of what’s happening and always looking at learning from the learner’s perspective.
  • Answering the “why” and not just the “how”: When teaching programming, it’s not too difficult to teach students how to do things. What’s harder, and I think more important, is to teach them why things are the way they are.
  • Having a real person to answer your questions: There are different ways to learn programming. These range from live courses to reading a book. Whereas with a live course you’ll always have access to a real person—your instructor—the same is not always true when learning from online courses, tutorials or books. I believe everyone should have access to a real mentor or instructor no matter which way they’re learning.

Overview Of What’s In The Python Coding Place

Let’s have a look at some of the key components in The Python Coding Place.

The Python Coding Book

Let’s start with The Python Coding Book which has gained an enthusiastic following since its publication. It has been a success because of its friendly and relaxed approach that actually explains what’s really happening in a fluent manner.

“It’s the first time I’m understanding what everything does” was the summary from one of the early readers who had struggled with other courses and textbooks in the past. “Your writing is succinct, easy to understand, and process oriented” was another comment. I love this comment as those are three objectives I focussed on while writing the book and in all my teaching! “I can’t stop reading it” was what another reader said. Although I hope they did pause for food and drink…

The Python Video Courses

Brand new online video courses are coming soon on The Python Coding Place. These will cater for all learners, whether they’re complete beginners or those looking to move on to the next phase in their programming journey.

We’ll have several different learning tracks that you can follow depending on your starting point and your learning preferences.

  • Are you learning coding to learn a new skill or do you already have a specific need and application in mind?
  • Do you want to meander a bit as you learn to discover some hidden gems in Python or would you rather just go straight through the fundamental topics without distraction?
  • Would you rather focus on numerical and scientific programming and data analysis using Python from early on in your journey?
  • Do you want to learn using mostly graphics-based examples?

And more…

Whatever your needs and preferences, you’ll be able to find a learning track for you. And you’ll be able to swap between learning tracks, too.

The Python Corporate Training Program

Our corporate training program has been running for many years. The past couple of years have seen significant changes to how this is run for reasons you can all guess. We’ve combined the experience from the past couple of years with that from pre-pandemic times. This has allowed us to come up with a better format and structure to provide Python training for staff of a companies and research institutions.

The Python Coding Place offers a truly flexible and bespoke service for corporations and universities. It’s not just the content that we tailor specifically for the needs of each audience. We also offer different delivery types ranging from fully live courses to hybrid ones combining on-demand content with live sessions and workshops.

In all instances, we offer continued support to the cohorts we teach as the learning always carries on beyond the end of the formal course.

The Python Coding Forum

Whether you’re learning Python through a live course or independently through video courses, you will have questions as you learn and practise. Often, one big drawback of independent learning is that there’s no one to ask a question to when you’re stuck or when you want to find out more about a topic.

My philosophy is to enable all my students to be able to ask me questions as they learn.

This is why The Python Coding Forum will always be at the centre of all the learning resources. You can ask questions about the material you’re learning and participate in discussions about coding and Python.

The Extra Python Content

And if all this isn’t already enough, you can follow me on social media. I’m very active on several platforms and I provide bite-sized daily content aimed at all levels. Follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn for your daily dose of Python.

And make sure you also follow The Python Coding Place on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

And there are regular in-depth articles here on The Python Coding Book’s blog.

Sign up for Early Adopter status at The Python Coding Place to stay up-to-date with the latest news as we roll out our stack of services and resources.

The Python Coding Place will consolidate all of Codetoday Limited’s provision for adult learners. The parent site will focus exclusively on the company’s provision for coding for children.

2 thoughts on “The Python Coding Place Is Coming Soon…”

  1. I’m certainly hoping that Pandas will be included. I love the book and how you try to explain the “why,” as you mention above, and not just the “how.” I’ve been waiting on the Pandas section since I first located this great resource.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. Yes, I’m aware the final chapter is still missing. There’s a reason for it. I used existing material which I had developed as part of the resources I offer students on courses. However, I was never fully pleased with the approach I took to pandas so I’ve scrapped all my previous notes and started from scratch. This means it’s taken longer for this chapter to reach a point where it’s ready for publication.

      But I’ll get there…

      Sorry for the delay!

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