The Python Coding Book

If you’re here, you’re likely new to programming, and you’ve decided to take the plunge and start to learn Python coding. You’ve made the right choice. Programming is fun as well as very useful.

But learning to code is not easy. Knowing all the commands and how to use them is not what makes programming hard. The toughest challenge is learning how to think in the ‘programming’ way and break down a task into the proper steps.

Why Do We Need Yet Another Book to Learn Python Coding?

There are many books already to learn Python coding. Some of them are good too. Why did I decide to write another one?

The key to mastering programming is to truly understand why we do things in the way we do them. Learning the methods is not enough. My focus in the years I’ve spent teaching coding has been to get my students to think in the way the computer does. Only then can we speak its language. We need to understand the various tools in a coding language as if they’re our best friends, not just mere acquaintances.

The focus of this book is real understanding. ‘Why’ is just as important a question as ‘How’.

And I like analogies—a lot. So your journey through learning how to code will take you through The White Room and coffee machines, and you’ll even climb a tree!

The material in The Python Coding Book follows the codetoday curriculum that has been used to deliver courses for adults and for corporate training programmes for many years.

Who Is This Book Written For?

If you’re a beginner who wants to learn how to code, then give this book a try. If you’ve tried to learn already and you’re struggling to get beyond the basics, then you may find that this book is what you need to take the next step.

The first part focuses on general programming and is relevant for anyone who wants to code for whatever purpose.

The second part focuses on quantitative programming. You will look at the various methods and techniques relevant for using coding in data-driven fields such as science, finance and similar areas.

Read what people who’ve been learning Python programming using this book think about it.

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