What People Think About The Python Coding Book

Here is some of the feedback received about The Python Coding Book. A common theme is people who had tried and failed but found that this text “talks to them” in a way other books and courses didn’t.

"So I had tried to learn Python on <another site>. The first course I chose was from a respected teacher. It was entirely copy my code and see the results.

I then chose another course which was by someone who knew Python well (and other languages) and had taught coding for many years including training for tech companies. This unfortunately fell short, and was again just copy my code essentially. Quite discouraging.

However this book of yours we are working through is the first time each concept is explained. It’s the first time I’m understanding what everything does.

So far I’m following and understanding which feels a little bit like I’m being enlightened ! So basically if you can’t tell already I can’t give this book enough praise. And yes I absolutely want to soak in even the bits which you’ve warned will be related to data-driven fields."

– Message on The Python Coding Book Forum

"Hello, Dr Gruppetta, I wanted to send you a thank you message for writing such a great introductory course on Python. Programming is something I’ve flirted with but actively avoided during my undergrad, as I thought that being a liberal arts buff coding would be incompatible with me, but your book has been a pleasant surprise in proving me wrong.

Your writing is succinct, easy to understand, and process oriented, which I really appreciate it. With the exercises you’ve provided, I’m starting to realise that my first experiences with programming weren’t at all representative of my abilities to problem solve or structure my thinking.

It has been a great confidence booster for me, and I’m sure other folks are also realising that they were never really the problem, it was their lack of resources or the information being inaccessible. Thanks again for a wonderful free resource, have a great week!"

– Message on LinkedIn

“Just to say congrats and thanks for your work. As a new “wanna be Pythonista” I stumbled over your book/website few days back and I can’t stop reading it.”

– Message on Twitter

"Stephen, your Python coding book is the best I ever read about coding ! Thank 🙏🏼 you so much 🙏🏼for the free version online.

So many things I finally understand – you did an amazing job!"

– Message on The Python Coding Book Forum

"Enjoyable, helpful, clearly written, easy to understand… What more could you want from a free Python book to get started and deepen your knowledge of the foundations? Get reading and coding 🖥 📙 🐍 🧠

– Message on Twitter

““The Python Coding Book” book forced me to create Twitter account, so that I can follow the author :). Great book!”

– Message on Twitter

"Hi Stephen, I’d just like to say how much I am enjoying your Python Coding book!  I’ve spent about 50 hours learning python using <another site> but your book explains the concepts and syntax of Python in a far more intuitive way!  In particular, I thought your explanation of the difference between the ‘=’ and ‘==’ operators was excellent, with the former being the equivalent of bringing an empty storage box with a label on it.  What’s more I haven’t come across a single typo yet – incredibly professional work!

– Message on LinkedIn

"I’m loving The Python Coding Book by Stephen Gruppetta. It covers the “why” as well as the “how” in a simple and understandable way, and is filling in many of the gaps from my self-taught “Google when I get stuck” approach to learning Python over the past year!

– Message on Twitter

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